The internet is a beautiful thing. We have come a long way from AOL dial-up days to 4g. It is amazing to see new ideas that push the envelope. I read an article by Rachel Metz, titled “Elon Musk shows off a working brain implant — in pigs”, interesting to say the least. Rachel mentioned Elon Musk is currently experimenting with pigs. His experiment injects implants in the heads of pigs. The chip is supposed to enhance the pig’s brain activity. This mechanism is surgically implanted inside of the brain by a machine. Another device will be located in the back of a person’s ear, which connects to a computer. Musk stated that if the chip is sufficient enough for a pig that it will be robust enough for humans. Interesting enough, this type of idea isn’t new, “Neuralink, which was founded in 2016, has previously tested a wired version of its implant in rats (and Musk indicated it has enabled a monkey to control a computer with its brain, as well)”(Metz). Tesla has become the model for the electric car industry, space exploration, and currently brain technology. I feel that it is important for society to have individuals such as Elon Musk to help advance human society. This chip could be the technology we need to cure diseases, aid with depression, dementia, and many other positive advantages. But, there could also be a downside to this chip. What if your brain was hacked? What would the damage ultimately be? and who would be at fault? This remains a mystery of course, but the negative effects could potentially outweigh the positive. This idea reminds me of the movie I Robot. When the other robots were controlled to ultimately end the human race. Or, will we live in a real-life version of Minority Report? I guess the question is will you be the first person to get a chip? In the world we currently live in this is not too far fetch. Or we go as far as making this chip government mandate, like the coronavirus vaccine.

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The Reality of 5G